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How Seasonal Shopping Events Support St. Cloud Homeowners

With Thanksgiving Day gatherings behind us, this year’s St. Cloud holiday shopping action re-focused on the Black Friday sales phenomenon. Early reports were encouraging—but confirmed

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The National Dog Show: Relevant for St. Cloud Home Sellers

It is increasingly clear that as Americans, we are members of a pet-crazy nation. Last Thursday was more than just Thanksgiving Day: at noon, it was time for TV’s 18th annual presentation of

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For St. Cloud Home Sellers, this “13” is Lucky!

In any other year, when St. Cloud homeowners read an opening line like, “For the 13th time this year, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage set a record low…,” their reaction would most

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How Does Goodwill Come into Play in St. Cloud Listings?

When you and your Realtor sit down to arrive at your property’s St. Cloud listing price, there is no controversy about the mutual goal. The object is to arrive at the highest figure that will

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